About Adam

The Expected

Like so many, Adam fell into the retirement industry.  That was  in 1990, and he has never looked back.  As a partner at DWC - The 401(k) Experts, Adam has worked with clients of all shapes and sizes on issues related to tax compliance and fiduciary governance.

He has been an active industry volunteer on a number of committees and advisory boards, and he is currently President of ASPPA.  Adam is also an active presenter and author.

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In His Spare Time

Despite working in such a technical field, Adam really enjoys the creative.  Once an aspiring photographer, he has also dabbled in painting, making jewelry and even built a fat tire tricycle.  Adam is also quite the music fanatic - listening to it, that is, not playing it - and his collection spans genres from classical to punk and classic rock to EDM.

Along with his wife, dog and two cats, Adam lives in Beverly, Massachusetts where he enjoys going for a casual run along the ocean front in the summer and snowshoeing through the woods in winter.

Something You Might Not Know About Me

I have attended Burning Man since 2014. Each year, 70,000 creatives from around the world descend on the Black Rock Desert in northwestern Nevada to build a temporary city populated by large-scale art; and it all disappears without a trace a week later, much of it burned to the ground.

There, I have the opportunity to hang out with people from every continent on the planet – people of different races and cultures, filthy rich to dirt poor, highly educated to barely finished high school (or their country’s equivalent), professionals to retirees to artists to laborers to unemployed.  I got to escort some of Timothy Leary’s ashes to the Totem of Confessions – a large wooden temple – where they were laid to rest and consumed by the fire that engulfed the entire structure.  I got to watch from the top deck of an electronic forest (built on the chassis of an old school bus) as two 60-foot-tall pyramids were ignited by thermite at sunrise with the distant mountains silhouetted in the background.

Curious?  Intrigued?  Google it, but be forewarned…some of what you see will probably be slightly NSFW, but you may also find yourself inexplicably drawn to a desert pilgrimage.

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